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Thoughts from a television series – When will Africa be there?


Every once in a while, I binge on whole seasons of TV series – sometimes to my own detriment. Lately, I’m binging on medical drama series, Private Practice. There’s this scene in Season 2 where a neo-natal surgeon (I didn’t know what this is until now) is asked to come and perform a Caesarean Section (how are these related to Caesar?) on a comatose patient.

I did a google search and found that this happens frequently around the world – its not by any means common but it happens often – even in Kenya. Maybe this is generally no big deal in this day and age, but well, the woman in question had been comatose for her whole pregnancy – she had an accident the day after she discovered she was pregnant and was rendered brain-dead.

Here’s the thing: the hospital kept her alive and well all through her pregnancy, knowing that she would not wake up ever – so that she would give birth. I wonder when this will be common place in Africa. I recognise that its not just the science that has to develop but our outlook as well – culturally, women in this instance would  be considered dead and a foetus at that level would not be considered a factor in telling the family to say their goodbyes.

I wonder when this will be something that women in Africa take for granted.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts from a television series – When will Africa be there?”

    1. I think so, Dorothy. It is great that they can do this. I hope it can be taken for granted in Malindi, Nyeri, Siaya, Marsabit etc District Hospitals. Then, we shall know we have moved to the next level. I really hope.

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