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Al Kags named New Generation Leader for Africa 2012

I am humbled and honoured to be named a New Generation Leader for Africa 2012, by the Africa Leadership Network.

According to Fred Swaniker, famously of the Africa Leadership Academy, I was nominated from “thousands of candidated from the continent.”

Named this year to stand alongside African Superstar Genevieve Nnaji and Film Producer Kunle Afolayan, Footballer Didier Drogba, Kenya’s Joe Mucheru and others, I shall be privileged to be on a roll of African Leaders who are influencing change and prosperity for a new Africa.

The African Leadership Network (ALN) is the premier network of young, dynamic, and influential leaders in business,  public sector, the arts and civil society in Africa. The aim is to engage the collective influence of this new generation of leaders to drive prosperity for Africa’s people.

For me, this recognition strengthen’s my resolve to work harder to build strong and sustainable organisations in Africa and to work with African governments to become more Open to their citizens. More than ever before, I am encouraged to be Goode and be Open.

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