Lessons from KODI: Completing the Job

  1. Al, Certainly you would agree that the "here is how you can do OD in your country" will not be the same for all countries? We know how those cookie-cutter approaches have worked in so many areas of development (education, health, transport, etc). To be able to come up with a TO DO list for a good OD initiative one would have to understand the country, agreed? One would have to know what data it has and in what format, what its laws and constitution say about sharing data with the public, and about privacy and other related issues. One would have to know who the data users are, or might be, and what are their capacities. And so on.

    Well, at least that is what we thought when doing the Open Data Readiness Assessment tool (data.worldbank.org/ogd). A simple set of questions along 8 dimensions, that allow any OD expert and a counterpart team to answer the above questions and then, jointly, come up with your "here's how to do an Open Data initiative in your country". Your dream come true! Check it out, give us feedback, use it. Enjoy.

  2. Open data failed when we all ignored the important people in this, data scientists, statisticians, data analysts and such. Unless we get these pros on board, we will continue the downward spiral.

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