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Why I am against affirmative action for 50 Kenyan women MPs

Kenya is contemplating having affirmative action for 50 women to join parliament and Martha Karua has even suggested that this be constitutionalised.

This is a developing thought but I now know I am against it totally. This is why in a nutshell:

  • It is demeaning. It makes nonesense of the achievements women like Caroline Mutoko (Kiss FM), Ruth Wilcock (a Kenyan who owns a Hotel in SA), Charity Ngilu (self made politician), Benazir Bhutto, Margaret Thatcher (who by the way was against this business) and the many other women who are successful by merit. They worked hard and people will ridicule and lower their achievement to being “given”.
  • It may lower quality standards of MPs even lower. The fact is, just because a person is a woman, they are not necessarily above board or qualified to be MP. No discussion is being had about the quality of woman is nominated for the MP positions and again, Just because you are a woman doesn’t make you suitable.
  • There’s more. Tomorrow.

Prepare your claws.

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