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CALL OUT: QCS Poetry – Brown Steps


After collating all the data, I am happy to let you know that the immediate past Quarterly Colour Series ebook, Green Piece, was read by 175,000 people across the world (maybe more but this is from the people that fed back.) It has been a great success and it is because of your support. The series has drawn the attention of diverse people in the world, some of whom have communicated great things about the series.

This is a call out to all poets – professional and amateur.

The time has come to publish the next book of the series, Brown Steps, the stuff that drives our lives. Brown steps is about social issues – from politics (in general), issues like corruption and all, the idiosyncrasies of life, the gap between rich and poor etc. I’m hoping that the submissions will not be the usual cynical, bitter submissions on politics and rich people but that it will also have some easier to read stuff on our lifestyles (rich or poor), our cultures, our histories, our people. I’m looking for fresh perspectives and delivery for the poetry that talks about the stuff that drives our lives.

The Quarterly Colour Series is a series of poetry ebooks that are published by Al Kags every three months. The first of the Series was Gray Spots (, the next was Blue Smudges (,  then came  Red Streaks (  and last quarter there was Green Piece ( If you haven’t read them, do read them and share them.

The poetry is distributed for free via email and the rules of engagement for all is read it, share it, republish it, recite it, do what you want with it – Just ensure you say where the poetry came from and who wrote it. The writers retain the rights to their work. The published work is selected entirely on the editor’s discretion. Do forward this call out as widely as you can.

If you are a poet or simply dabble in poetry and would like to get read by a lot of people, feel free to send your work (as many poems as you wish) in a MS word document by Monday August 13 2007 to

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