She’s dancing in the wind

  1. I loved this poem….. it reminds me of love, in a way when my grandmother was ready to transition, she kept saying she saw my grandfather coming in a big black car… When she finally opened the car door and left for the eternal hiatus, it reminded me of these lines.when you love that hard even death does not keep you apart…
    Beautiful Al…

    She is off dancing in the land of the bright lights
    She is gone.

    Her body is there
    But she is gone with him
    She is gone to dance with him..

  2. “Dancing is the vertical expression of a horizontal desire.”
    I like that…

    I love the poem as well… puts a sweet twist to death… rather than the life-sucking opaque version we’ve been fed.


  3. WOW, that was highly seductive. It gave me goosebumps 🙂 mmmm.. vertical expression of horizontal desire…

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  5. Another brilliant piece! What’s happening to you these days! You are getting too deep!! Lol.

    This poem says so many things to me – it’s sweet yet very sad – talks about life, love – passion if you may, and death.

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