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She’s dancing in the wind

It was time. She was alone. She has lived well.

Her dress is long and white
Her dreadlocks are long and tied.

The light slowly comes on and she knows he’s here
The time to dance has come.
She’s ready. Her skin is glowing and her spirit is willing
She smells nice today, she feels good today

He has looked her in the eye
The look serene and full of life
His dress matches hers, white and flowing
He’s here to take her, all of her

The music comes on in the background
Is it a piano or is a harp
Who are they that chorus behind it
Ooooooooh, ooooooooo, oooooooh,

And her spirit rises to its full height

And she gets into bed
Onto her back she lay as he watches her every move
And positions herself so he can see all of her
His eyes burn into her very soul
Her joy increases by the minute
As her anticipation rises and rises and rises

She hears a small voice say,
In every colour there’s the light
In every stone sleeps a crystal
Remember the shame when he used to say
Man is the dream of the dolphin,
Her spirit starts to dance

Slowly, he walks to the bed
He gently takes her hand
All the while, his eyes are with her
Her skin is prickly
The goose bumps are rising
Its time to dance
Its time to dance
Its time to dance

And so they dance
Towards the light they sway and swing
Their rhythm is at one
The souls are together
Towards the light

Closer and closer they dance
Their eyes are together all this time
Closer and closer they dance
Their rhythm cannot be broken
The music fills their hearts and souls and mind

And the light bursts into its brightest brightness
It envelopes her soul and spirit
And with him she continues dancing
And he has taken her, all of her

The light fades and the room is dim once more
Her body is still positioned on her back as it was before
No sign of the Great Dance that has taken place
But she is not there

She is off dancing in the land of the bright lights
She is gone.

Her body is there
But she is gone with him
She is gone to dance with him..

I am a writer first and foremost. I am passionate about social entrepreneurship, which I define by finding ways to innovate the world’s processes to make life better for people – whether in business or in the non-profit sector. I am professionally involved at the Open Institute, Thellesi Co and various agricultural ventures.

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