bear your soul… and so i did

  1. What have you done? You’ve become more human, you’ve ceased to hid behind self-made walls that only stop you from enjoying life to its fullest… What have you done? You’ve realized that it’s painful to live fully but you have to go through it anyway… please take a few more steps away from your current position, the blisters will cease to remove pus, the aches will go away slowly and your mental assault will quieten… you’ll start to see beautiful things, hear angelic sounds and feel alive… the pain the warts, the blisters are all a fiction of society’s fears… learn to question them…. it’s not all easy by the way… I’ve come out of my shell many times over… it’s always daunting my dear… be brave

    I love the piece…

  2. Man Alkags!!! This is deep! Deep as realization of Truth gets. And still, you have to bear it with conviction for the more adversity we face in truth are lessons. We only have to open up, be nude to receive the lessons.

    This piece is smoking!!

  3. B you make me too sad 🙁 You’ve done nothing wrong, the world is just DUMB. Everythings going to be okay b 🙂

  4. Wow! This is an amazing poem! Insightful and deep! I did this once – the Caged Tiger – It’s scary getting inside those walls. I’m still struggling with my demons. A friend was just telling me that I have commitment issues – the same sruff we were talking about jana – okay we didn’t get into that side yet, so I’ll feel you in when you have time. Great stuff nevertheless. Don’t forget to read The Caged Tiger … grrr!

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