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Why should I apologise


Why should I apologise/ am i I not a soul like you?/ do I not like you cough in the midst of the dust thrown up by passing trucks and do my tears not stream from my blood shot eyes every time the carbon infested smoke invades my lungs? / Do I not like you scream at the onslaught of pain and do I not crave for the same things like rain? /

Why should I apologise/ have I not served you well? / have I not bent over so you could screw me over again and again/ have I not bent my rules to allow you to trample upon my soul to the extent that it is almost dead that I cannot breath that I cannot fight that I am lame that I am crippled that I am insane? Have I not let you believe by the look in my eytes and the disposition of my shoulders that I am benign?

So why should I apologise/ was the time not to come?/ do I not like you get tired and fed up my the many machinations and manipulations under guise of the alleged system/ that system that like you I have bent over for it to screw me again and again and again/ that system that has spewed from its bowels enough bullshit to make me cough like the passing trucks and to bring out my tears when its acrid smell invades my dying lungs my dying lungs that are dying from the trampling of my soul by the system the system that is screwing me over again and again and again

And why should I apologise/ did you not expect that I would?/ did you not sense that finally, eventually I would tire of your crap and stand up straight to allow your bullshit to fall off and that I would turn my face and look into your eyes/ did you not suspect that one of this days the look in my eyes would send shivers down your spine rendering you impotent and useless before my increasing strength reducing you to a quivering shimmering stammering pile of the bullshit that you spew? / did you not expect that finally eventually I would lift my hand up high and with the power of a dozen bull cranes or a few thousand horses or your gas guzzling hummer I would deliver the sucker punch that would cause your soul to tremble, your lungs to constrict and your tear glands to over flow and your voice to whimper and you to die

Why should I apologise for killing you? Why should I apologise for exterminating a rodent like you?

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