I object: Government cannot regulate politics at parties.

  1. "I think its a good thing that the government through Nacada has moved to regulate recklessness during this festive season and after and of that I approve and support."

    I really hope that is meant as sarcasm.

  2. This regulation is good but they chose to introduce ideas that cannot be monitored or regulated. Politics is an integral part of our lives now and so long as there is government, there will always be politics therefore, saying that no one should talk about politics is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE. Are we not running a democratic government anymore? at least the constitution says so even when we aren't really running one.

  3. Very true buddy. We may be slipping back into dictatorship without knowing it. The best regulation is always that which is self-imposed. We must exercise self-control and discipline – virtues that no government can impose on anyone.

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