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I object: Government cannot regulate politics at parties.

Today, I saw this permit that is required when one wants to host a party during this festive season. I think its a good thing that the government through Nacada has moved to regulate recklessness during this festive season and after and of that I approve and support.

One phrase in the document, I feel that I object to: “There shall be no political discussions at the occasion?”

When did discussing politics become a bad thing in this country? And when did it become necessary for the government to want to regulate political discussion? I agree, there is a level of discussion that can be detrimental to peace but that is not necessarily about politics… e.g. people fight over women (and men) all the time.

I think here, the government has crossed the line. The government has no business regulating what I talk about – it has every right to insist that I do it with decorum and respect for others but to prohibit political discussion is crossing the line.

By the way, what is considered political (or too political) in this context? Can we talk about what Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto talked about in Rift Valley yesterday? Is that forbidden? Are you saying we cannot analyse the political environment with each other?

No, I object to that.

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