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  1. I've now officially written off Kalonzo! I can even guess from which book he is getting his ideas from! Either he doesn't want to contest in 2012 or he knows something we don't.

    1. June, I wonder if there is a site we could set up the question: Kalonzo is a looser and people click "agree" or "disagree"

  2. I wish to express and register my support for the Hague process. Let the Kenya Government officials and political leaders who received summon notices face the ICC.

  3. kalonzo calls himself christian. No wonder pipo make fun of him. May the Lord who liveth see wat he does. The six goin to hague n kalonzo should watchout he myt ene up thea two.

  4. we as the kenyas people have the ryt to justice our brathas died our sistas raped n killed our parents mercilesly masacred. Machetes were the language of the day n blood the drink in the late afternoon. Their kids stayd comfidently safe in 5star hotels in Europe n Dubai. Ths guys nid to go. ASAP.

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