I sang the National Anthem and felt real.

  1. Musings of a sheltered middle, nay so middle class existence u want change? Tell the so called middle class to run for office and stop imagining that singing the anthem in the middle of a working day will change the course of this country.,the uhuru,ruto.,and raila insidious poisonus campaigns are run by men and women like us. U want change stop tweeting and facebook and embrace your neighbour business associate regardless of tribe,this so fancy musings are a flight of fantasy. Kenya is not nairobi. Please ensure your fancy toys.so that when some1 risks life and limb u dont chase after him and get him killed. True nationhood is not a fad or a lifestlye,its being one pple

  2. As always sir, great read !!! But for some reason, I feel as though you are trying to convince yourself here as much as your trying to convince me… It seems to me that deep down you know the HARD fact; that there will be less and less to be proud of until the busy middle class gets organised, runs for office & gets busy in office !!! BTW , I sang here in the UK & was inspired to do something more than sing !

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