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Flow-etry: I need a prayer


I need a prayer.

I. need. A prayer.

A prayer for divine consolation, insulation –
at least a diversion to rid my brain of these reverberations…
See, these reverberations going through my head render me utterly disconsolate with acrid pictures of devilish sphincters, lurid images of legs and arms and rabid eyes, devouring the meat, the blood, the liver into utter despair.
Holding myself close I yearn for freedom, a release from this dark, disconsolate space where my brain capsized and my heart despised the other…
the other who was different because they had red hair and lopsided ears, who spoke with a different lilt – although I thought it has a sexy tilt…
the other who didn’t know, according to my disconsolate heart, which was dripping with the blobs of cancer infested with acrid pictures and lurid images and vapid breathy sounds, didn’t know that they were other and I was filled with hate and anger and resentment and my brain –
my brain had evil reverberations so I need a prayer.
Yes, I need a prayer to invoke, to evoke the spirits of the ancient warriors,
the warriors who would teach me to stand firm and face my devilish reverberations, and rid me of my disconsolate heart,
my disconsolate heart with its cancerous devilish acrid pictures and lurid images of legs and arms and rabid eyes devouring…


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