This man Sonko… a new kind of leader?

  1. 'Interesting times' if Sonko makes it to Senator. We may see him bashing his head on steel doors again. Hee:)…let The People decide.I share your anxiety… Not my choice either…..

    🙂 Thinking….
    Do Governors report to Senators? If so what qualifications do Senators require to vie and does Sonko qualify?
    ' Activists' as Senators ??? I hear Omtatah may be trying for Senator Nairobi too.Could be a rumor? I could accept this 'People's Watchman' activist..

    MigunaMiguna….is he still in the race for Governor Nairobi County ?

  2. I would say,we have already tried the so called conventional leaders and so far we have nothing to show for it. They say stupidity is doing something the same way over and over again and expecting different results. I say lets do it different this time, try Sonko-type and see what we get. but for crying out loud don't try YT2- we already know what he can do

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