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Sonko is an idiot. Maybe not.


Last year, I wrote an angry blog post, where I wondered who Sonko represents. Young people, I wondered? Not me, I averred. Until last night, I was clear on a couple of things.

  1. That Sonko is an uncouth, disoriented, criminal idiot. 
  2. That he is no material for leadership. Certainly, a poor demonstration of what youth leadership looks like.

Today, I am not as clear. My uncertainty started last night when I watched Sonko being interviewed on Citizen TV (watch below) and then watched him this morning with Jimmi Gathu. Have I misunderstood the man, does his dress and abrasive behavior cause me to be prejudiced against him?

In the interview this morning (with Jimmi), I heard Sonko articulate a theory of development that is interesting, if uncomfortable. I am certainly eager to explore it a little further as I think it through. I’ll write a fuller blog post on it tomorrow. But it is necessary to start by saying that Sonko has made an impact enough to make me think.


As we all think it through, I recommend a read of Liz Lenjo’s blog, where she defends his position vehemently, suggesting that he is challenging convention.

From me, more tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Sonko is an idiot. Maybe not.”

  1. That he came to an interview prepared makes him strategic not necessarily a wonderful leader.

    If for nothing else, I would support him for challenging the norms. What a suit has to do with debating in parliament is lost on me. We are so engrossed in irrelevant details that we waste precious time on non-issues like bling.

    I know image matters but why are we gladly forgetting our african heritage? What is so terrible about adding a little colour?

  2. I love it when Africans jump the bandwagon of not abandoning the African way, yet they will jump on the latest car models, wear designer watches and when sick, do they seek waganga or run to Nairobi hospital for western style treatment. Let us be real about life and where the world is moving, it is a global village and the truth is, the African way lost a long time ago, why don't i see you dropping that laptop or internet you just used to post on this blog?
    Back to dress code, it is important because it inspires professionalism, it also ensures inappropriate clothing is not worn to the house, imagine if Martha Karua walked into parliament in a mini skirt, she is a brilliant legal mind, but there would be more distraction than debate, unfortunately that is what Sonko's dressing achieves.Even the law society of Kenya understands the importance of proper dress code, if he can not follow the simple house rules on dress codes, what about our laws, remember freedoms have limits, otherwise we delve into anarchy. The guy is an Idiot, fullstop

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