Kibaki will probably win this elections

  1. Don’t sugar coat a lazy,senile,impotent,cowardly and out-of-tune 70’s man who happen to be our president.His only chance for re-election is opposition(ODM) disentegrating.

  2. Nice & well balanced article Udi.

    As for Patrick I have sad news for you (and for me as well). Kibaki will be re-elected and not because of his/his govts outstanding achievements (I could count maybe just one i.e improving the economy; which I believe would have improved anyway because Kenyans word damn hard) but because there is no contender worth toppling the old man off his seat.

    Yes you heard me – (as much as I believe Uhuru should be the chairman of KANU, that he should leave all that ODM-K hullaballoo and work on cleaning up the messes in KANU till 2010 when he will surely be ripe for the Presidency) – I believe that there is currently no one who stands a head above the rest (as was the case of David in the Bible) as a clear leader for 2007 & beyond.

    Therefore, better the devil we know. Hopefully, giving the Kibaki administration another 5 years will put us in good stead as far as any transitional govt should take us in terms of having some semblance of economic stability.

  3. I ideally agree with Vee, there is no possible better contender for presidency unless the one who is yet to come.

    Incidentally i think voting ODM would be sneaking in KANU via backdoor.

    I will not trash what Kibaki has done, though some things do leave a lot to be desired.

    One thing that disappoints me totally about Kibaki administration is the lack of good will to fight corruption.

    Otherwise the so called grumpy old man, many Kenyans will agree with me that he has tried his best especially if you have been fortunate enough to have stints at the Civil service.

  4. Daniels,It might not be as easy as you think to remove Kikuyus from power.
    Kikuyus rule Kenya and they will always will.
    Case scenario:You remember Referendum?All 41 tribes voted against the ONE tribe.Results?60% against 40%.One tribe alone!!!!!40%. In ODM,there are so many wrangles and trbes (Kamba and Luo and Luhya) have been heard to say that if one of their sons is not chosen to represent ODM,they would rather vote for Kibaki.

    Kikuyus are by far more superior and industrious than any other tribe in East AFrica-that is a fact;like it or not.
    im not a kikuyu-im a Digo but let truth be told.

  5. i think somebody is missing the point here. the 60%/40% ration in the referendum was not kenyans vs kikuyus. this is so because, although kikuyus and the rest of gema voted almost 100% bananas, very many other regions like bukusus, kambas, rift valley, kisii etc voted bananas too. remove this big part from the 40% and kibaki gets 20-25% in the coming general elections.add the way lucy has been treating kenyans of late and another 5-10% is gone. add the silence being witnessed among kibakis soldiers and the infighting among the various panua friendly parties another 5-10% goes.the man should actually be out of the race by now- he really has guts eh!

    i am not a luo, but i can assure yu that come jan 2008 raila will be your president.

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