Let’s Get Serious With Posta Kenya

  1. Kags, some friends and I were JUST talking about how Posta needs to make itself relevant for the market! DHL is an offshoot of the German Postal Service — where is our EMS services in comparison? And why the heck can they not forward mail from one post box to another? Or bring postboxes to relevant places — like courts/estates. And why aren't they using their networks for delivering packages — instead I had to use G4S to deliver a package to Tsavo last week. Yep, they need to shape up.

    1. When you speak of post boxes in the estates it occurs to me that they started the process of giving physical addresses – numbering the buildings and such. I wonder what happened to that initiative…

  2. As they say government has no business in business Posta needs to be privatized completely for it to be able to compete. Innovation is key for growth to occur, in order for innovation to take place flexibility also has to be in place within the organization. Posta is too bureaucratic to compete effectively with profit oriented private enterprises.

    1. Well, there is no way that a country can privatize its postal service. Therefore we have to get good at the business – fast.

  3. As far as the physical addresses – numbering buildings and such is concerned, it is the council which has to do this to completion, they started but have stalled along the way.
    I am sure that home delivery can be a very good thing brought to us.

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