Loneliness at the top is a real thing – CEOs and Leaders struggle in deathly silence.

  1. I think the best place that a CEO can go to is to a life coach. I know Jeff Nthiwa is a coach who works with CEOs not only on career related matters but on personal matters as well. It would be hard for high profile people to go to groups because of the level of discretion they need.

    1. I totally agree with you.Life coaches and career coach are pretty awesome and i hold te belief that even the most powerful presidents have to have a trusted confidant.Spirituality and connection with a higher being is also important…..

  2. Enlightening it is Al. I resonate with this article. I feel it’s lonely at the top because Leaders trade their personalities for their Positions. The fail to remnant that life is basic, simple and real. They just need to be with people who energize them.

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