Nokia-Microsoft Partnership: from the pan to the fire?

  1. Nice post. Obviously, time will tell but for now I think it's hard to argue that this is good for Africa's developers. Bring on Android!

  2. Good Morning AK. I see the glass as half full.

    "…..the discarding of Symbian means the death of initiatives in the emerging markets to build apps for Nokia phones. All the collaboration and rapport that Nokia had with Mobile Developers is about to end in my view. Because developers have no faith with windows and because Nokia’s admirable openness is going to be curtailed." – Harsh. I actually believe local developers will be the bigger beneficiaries. Remember long before Virtual City won the Nokia contest, they began developing for mobile for Windows CE! The VC story is possibly the best case-study of what this partnership could do for the local techpreneurs.

    Have you tried Windows Phone 7? It is significantly different from older Win Mobile platforms as you know them. I'd recommend you try it.

  3. I agree with you on every word. Sad strategy for Nokia in the emerging markets. Developers will move to Android and users will have a higher uptake for such phones. How many people use Windows mobile? I do and am dying to move – in a month!

  4. David,

    Thanks for that… I have a silly query: what phones available in Kenya are running windows 7 for mobile? there's an awareness issue. Then there's what Mutuota says here: how many people use WinMo7? and you don't here rave reviews of windows 7 for mobile by the users – except from MSFT employees – does this not indicate something?

  5. Couldnt have said it better, i have similar reservations about this partnership.The reality is that Nokia have good phones but very bad OS, the N8 for example really sucks in so many ways, even Nokia Techies cannot solve the issues.however Microsoft may not just be the ideal partner-im on a wait and see approach on this development

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