WSF: great talk, no walk

  1. yu probaly right on the WSF challenges but I think an alternative to Davos group need to emerge to challenge some of exploitavie measures being cooked there

  2. I have similar impressions on the output of WSF and can only agree.

    Maybe I am wrong, but today’s article in the DN about homosexuality in Kenya, Africa et al may be the subject with the biggest impact on Kenya’s society that was discussed or promoted during the WSF. Awareness creation, etc…

  3. I wish i had enough time to make a good comment.

    But most of the time, i hate all talk.

    because it is always too much talk, less action

  4. Of course Davos is a forum of economists, bankers and serious business money types…that is why they go to Davos. Otherwise they would come to disfunctional nairobi
    Nothing social there.

    Can’t blame the socialist types for enjoying the “social” getting together aspect too much and not getting it together.

  5. Social groups have always existed and maybe never quite made 100% impact like Davos does but that’s cause we expect everything everyone does in the name of forums to change the world. Incidentally someone’s world was changed due to WSF maybe not yours directly. So let agree to disagree and declare that maybe WSF is the “Hippy Movement” of the 00s. As Alexia just said we can’t blame them for having a bit of fun? Maybe that’s what we all need in this day and age.

  6. Kenyans abroad get influenced by economic configurations of host nations. Kenyan socialists like Koigi and Oloo follow economic prescriptions of “socialist” Canada and Netherlands respectively, whereas die hard capitalists are products of the partially liberalized United Kingdom and the US.

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