So has anyone ever heard of Endomol?

  1. I thought it was a new sleeping pill in the market. Wait sorry… it is isn’t it? Because clearly that’s what Tusker Project fame is turning out to be. Kenyan judges, Kenyan teachers, shot in Kenya…Kenyan performers (a majority of them)… what happened to the whole EA twist? But I digress…

    I see your point and I’ve been arguing the very same since before the show. Granted it will do great things for certain people’s portfolios but Tusker is being marketed to the wrong market. Someone argued with me that it is no likely to affect the youth. I remember being 15 years old and seeing Embassy Lights – Smooth all the way…10 years later I dare you venture a guess what cigarettes I smoke.

    The other issue for me here is that it’s called “Tusker” Project fame. There is a selfish tendency by Kenyan brands to name the event after them. This irritates me because no one seems to be thinking in the long term. What if next year Tusker doesn’t want to sponsor the event; it makes it hard for let’s say Identity and or Insyder Magazine to host it. It also means it would be very hard for a company in Kenya to buy rights and run with the idea. In short Project Fame in Kenya has been amputated at the knees.

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