The Voice of the young

  1. That post is brilliant. It enumerates the shidaz of the young hot blooded mwananchi that we are and our big ideas.

    Lemme say this having noticed that capital is a major obstacle to the young , me and my friends have decided to come up with a SACCO’ish kind of thing. We pool money every month for a whole year so that if any of us is hotblooded enough to come up with a good plan we can borrow from the fund. you see

    Anyway employment is not such a bad thing in this country because it is easier to get a loan from the bank because you got some $$$ into your account. The banks wants to see proof your big ideas will work, because if they don’t he will be fired. Yeah that guy.So its man for himself .

  2. The SACCO’ish kind of thing is what many young people are doing nowadays; calling them Investment Clubs. You could also contribute the money towards a profitable idea in 5-10 years. I think it’s the way to go, if we wait for ‘the banks and or government to realize the potential in us then we’ll wait for years to come. I think we should have companies that provide incubation centers where ideas can be made more viable.

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