To each his own, devil and angel, alike.

  1. I don’t know. I know of this movie that was called to each his own that was made in the 50’s or something that i watched on cable some time ago. The phrase was featured severally. And there’s a book i’ve read.

    You are right though. The people that you meet day on day are so diverse and many have such intertwining backgrounds that they might as well be coming from the same place.

    very well written Kags

  2. Social stratification is a concept that will stay as long as human populations exist. It is just one of those strategies in life that some will have a better life than others. The good news is that unlike in the past where it was difficult to move from one class to another (eg it was hard to move from peasantry to being royalty), today, one’s personal endeavour, education and good luck can move them between classes.

  3. What gets my blood boiling, however, is when those in power (wanting to look like they are working) dangle some report on how we have glaring disparities in the Kenyan social structure… they form commissions and think tanks to come up with solutions. Whilst the money they use on that could change a numerous number of people’s lives at Ambassador. But as usual, that is the end of that. Indeed to each his own, devil & angel, alike.

    The Ambassador area really seems to get you into a pensive mood… write a proper short story about it sometime… this is a good start…


  4. Oh yeah and those hioty-toity women who ignored the plea to tone down… shall forever dwell in the bowels of never being able to understand the great words that come from poetic beings… therefore they shall lack in spirit…

  5. Man’s greatest challege is to look at another man and think of them lesser.
    We are sometimes caught thinking of our fellow humans as shady,,illetrate,,poor,,and all those terms that make them seem lesser.Sadly though is that they too will have tears shed when they leave this world, as we too will.They too will have someone cry in the knowledge that their beloved is no more.They too will leave a dear one,a friend,a spouse,someone they know will be sad that they left.And that too will be our story.WE who think of ourselves as gisty,as posh as literate and whatever else we call ourselves,,,we too will have someone cry for us.We too will have someone miss us…….
    Only through Christ’s eyes are we equal.


  6. Loise it’s interesting that you should say what you’ve said. I was travelling to Lamu a week ago: And on seeing the bare land and the vast emptiness…where admist it all there were homes built with planks of wood – my first thought was “Poor them”

    But after I spent a few days in Lamu and was on my way back…I realised “Poor Me”… my aim in life is to achieve financial comfort, buy a car, home, clothes, socialize, show off, raise my kids, retire, travel… on and on and on and on…

    Poor me because here I am thinking that am better off…but in reality I am busy chasing things that are all material and won’t go with me to the grave… Who am I to look down on those that live life in the best way they can?

    Indeed, in Christ and Death we are equal…

  7. I am stalking you.. and joining in the bandwagon.

    You do write very very well mpaka I am jealous and since I am almost a mommy to be, I have decided my son will be as well read and written as you are!

  8. Al Kags,

    I must tell you this, today if never again. I absolutely love the way you write, and what it says about you. I’ve come across it in other places and then I found Tenses. I come and go, but every time I come, through your writing, I am struck by….. the sense that you are an outstanding person. An A1 guy!

    I know, I know, heh heh even I am scaring myself but you know, just so you know.

    By the way, I couldn’t open Blue Smudges.

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