1. read this ebook and loved it.really serious issues being talked about.a different type of poetry.i wish such poetry could be promoted.it offers an alternative to the love poems we hear of time and again.its really about life and i loved it totally.al kags,give big kudos to maik,he is in touch with society’s feelings.if he were a rapper,he would be a hardcore rapper like tupac,nas or the roots.guys tackling life.how do i access more of maik’s works?

  2. i like this guy’s poetry.any more work by him??does he have like a website or stuff?lakini who is he?is he a recluse.cant find any info on this brutha.really.he’s never featured at poetry nights or any functions yet i think he shud be featured,kwanza with the vibes he is talking about.bana.get this guy out of oblivion.there is so much talanta here.

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