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How many ICU Beds do we have in Kenya?


Over the last couple days, (well, mostly yesterday) I took up the effort of trying to find out just how many ICU Beds we have in Kenya. The findings so far were discouraging:

  • Kenyatta National Hospital (top referral hospital in East Africa) – 21 ICU Beds (edit: Just received word that KNH has converted 15 beds in Accident and Emergency into ICU beds, bringing total to 36)
  • Kisumu Referral Hospital – 8 working ones, 6 under construction
  • Moi Teaching and referral Hospital – 6 ICU Beds
  • Coast General Hospital – 8 ICU Beds
  • Machakos Level 5 Hospital – 3 ICU Beds
  • Kijabe AIC hospital – 5 ICU Beds
  • Kilifi Under construction – 20 ICU Bed facility
  • Salgaa – World Bank Project – 5 ICU Bed Facility under construction
  • Edit: Nyeri Hospital – 8 ICU Beds

Current Total: 74
Currently Under construction: 31

This report, shared by @sokoanalyst, painted a dismal picture of the situation – Read the blogpost. I also became aware if this ehealth portal by the ministry of information.

For a country of 40 Million people, we have reason to be very worried. I am curious about how much an Intensive Care Unit costs.

Do you know of any other ICU beds in Kenyan public hospitals. Reply here or tweet me @alkags


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