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The Reality in Zimbabwe


By Eddie Lambo 

Kenya went through this in the eighties. South Africa went through this during apartheid. Virtually every country in Africa has gove through this sort of pain. Why is it that Africa is not doing anything about this?

When people were dying in Rwanda, the internet did not have YouTube. Now, we are seeing for ourselves. What are we doing about this?

A major aspect of this is land. A major aspect of this is the European presence in African countries. That is why, say, Kenya will not speak.

3 thoughts on “The Reality in Zimbabwe”

  1. bwana kagwe,
    ofcourse it is. the problem is who decides who are the assasination candidates. And why restrict it only to leaders? i’m sure there enough rcbers who would choose you as a candidate. For that matter anybody who is not of their tribe.
    would you agree with them? do you really wanna go there?

    reader of your posts online.

  2. Personally I think they should be shot, resurrected, assasianted reincarnated and hang – but that’s just me. Yet, if you delve deeper and find the intial root cause that has now escalated into human rights beign violated to this scale… you’ll find it was a very small issue that if people were brave enough to deal with then wouldn’t have become this. There are many things in Kenya as well that if we don’t sort out now will be out of hand in less than 10 years.

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