It’s time to raise the standards of how we manage sport in Africa

  1. It is very unfortunate that most players missed the opportunity due to ‘lack of funding’ by the same people that have been entrusted to manage these young talented children. The leadership in all the sports in Kenya needs to change. This tournament is not a surprise as it is in the annual calendar of the federation. This is frustrating for any parent. My children are chess players as well and we are working hard to take part in the next championship and as parents we will push for the change that is needed.

  2. Thank you, Al Kags for articulating the Lusaka experience in detail. You forgot to add how the bus allocated to shuttling us to & from Chamba Valley had most of us standing all the way.
    It’s interesting how we in Uganda relate to your dilemma 100%.
    This is a good piece for the Liberian federation to read & learn what not to do in December.

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