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The Quarterly Colour Series IV – Green Piece

It has taken a long time to release this ebook. Finally, a few weeks late, I present Green Piece, the fourth ebook of the Quarterly Colour Series of poetry. We were late this time because we had an overwhelming response of writers this time. The book became too big for email. We have been trying to make it as small as we could and attached, find the result of our efforts. Thank you to those who have sent us emails and posted on my blog and other places asking for this. Your support is immeasureable in its effect.

The Quarterly Colour Series of Poetry is a series of poetry ebooks compiled and published by Al Kags. The ebooks are written by poets who want to share their work with the world. They are then distributed by you to your friends and them to their friends and so forth. In many cases, many of you tell us how many people you sent it to.

The first book of this series was Gray Spots, then Blue Smudges, followed by Red Streaks, which was read by 136,000 people at last count. The rules are simple. The poet owns their work. You will share it, republish it, enjoy it, recite it, whatever you want – all you have to do is to acknowledge where you got it and who wrote it.

This quarter, we feature poets from Nigeria, Tanzania and other African countries who sent their work in. If yours did not feature, its not lost, it will be used in future.

Thank you for your support. Thank you for making the Quarterly Colour Series What it is.

Download:Green Piece

I am first an foremost a writer who cares deeply about the world. I enjoy stories - especially history for its rich tapestry of stories of people's lives interwoven intricately in failures and victories. I care so deeply about the world that I also spend much of my time and energy trying to make it better in some way.

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