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The second edition of the Quarterly Colour Series that is compiled and published by Al Kags is out. This one is bigger featuring more poets. Blue Smudges is all about easy feelings and light expressions – nice easy thoughts.

The ebook is free and the rules are simple: read, enjoy, share, republish – whatever you will, just be sure to acknowledge the writer. Do download and spread far and wide.

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4 thoughts on “Blue Smudges”

  1. It has come to my attention that some of the lines in the poems by Sandra Mushi, have been copied from Jill Scott. Sandra may have something to say about that herself but my team and I have to say that we are concerned about that and that we do not condone.

    All poems submitted by the poets are believed to be their original work in good faith. It saddens us to find this but we would like to believe that malicious plagiarism was not her intention but nonetheless it is serious.

    All copyrights of any of the poems in our ebooks are owned and retained by the poets. We would ask any future contributors to be careful in this regard.

    Many thanks.

    Al Kags

  2. Sandra has made it clear that she had made the poem’s influence by Jill Scott on her forum from the word go. somehow word did not reach me, the publisher. That has been sorted.

    Please see her response below:

    Yes, that poem was greatly influenced by Jill Scott – I have never made it a secret. I have always loved that song, so I played with her words. If you go to my Authorsden webpage where Vee got the poem – – I actually mentioned it.

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