Response from Nairobi Stock Exchange on the site

  1. 3mice are good at designing marketing based websites – but most of their interactive sites
    or the interactive part of their sites dont really work seamlessly good case in point is nation. — nation as website sucks!. anyway for me i am expecting a informational website it sad coz most of the companies listed on NSE. are opaque as in you cant find info them
    both current and past. im saying this here coz u probably have inisde info on this things and people who run NSE and 3mice

  2. All investors want from NSE is data (price lists). Uganda and Tanzania exchanges have excelled on that front. You can download two or three year-old data from their sites. NSE cannot give you yesterday’s price list.

  3. I agree with Joe on the point of 3mice abilities on websites. Theirs are sites with really good bling so to speak but low on tech stuff/interactiveness.

    But in compensation there are sites that are converting the NSE data into interactive tools e.g. and So i guess anything comin from the NSE/3mice combo thats less than these independent websites should be refered to KACC for further investigation

  4. SGIC
    Silicon Graphics was .32 now .41
    has been going back and forth may time
    Insiders are buying massive amounts
    You might want to check it out

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