Nokia, the World’s most sustainable tech company (Kenya’s too!!)

  1. Enyewe Nokia wako juu. Al Kags I wish you can get them and Ihub and others to do events out of Nairobi. Like now here in Nakuru we have no linkages to the tech community in Nairobi except for skunkworks. That support is above all most useful.

  2. The question of sustainability is an important one for the world. I'm quite sure that companies that are serious about Africa (like Nokia is) would do well. Last year when I was on Kenya, I learnt that sustainability is based on people as you say. That openness is evident in their dealings with Africa and emerging markets. This is in my view what makes Nokia top of the pile.

  3. Aren't scandanavian countries most sustainable in the world? No big surprise that Nokia would win this award. The bigger question is whether the habit rubs off on those they deal with – IHub, and other companies.

  4. As Nokia was announced the 4th most sustainable companies globally, this good news to product users and the company.Nokia in Kenya plays a major role when it comes to communication cachets as its products are of high quality and thus help the company maintain consumers and improve on their markets.

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