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Nokia, the World’s most sustainable tech company (Kenya’s too!!)

Nokia, was yesterday pronounced the 4th most sustainable company in the world in the 7th Annual rankings by Corporate Knights, a Toronto based media company. Sustainability is a blurred term to most of the world and Corporate Knights have adopted a wide range of aspects in their criteria for the rankings. These include the pay gap between the CEO and the average worker (This bit I am fascinated the most by), how the company manages energy use – or how it manages its contribution to global warming, whether it pays taxes and other factors.

Nokia's Dorothy Ooko

This is good news. I have warm feelings for Nokia, and I am inclined to concur with the ratings – but for very local reasons. There is a criteria (at least in my books) that determines sustainability of a company and that is its direct meaningful investment in people. Nokia, in Kenya at least, has had an open policy towards growing the capacity of people – especially young people – to provide them with viable skills and a platform for innovation. The big deal here is that it gives Kenyan young people a fighting chance at growing globally competitive by sharing its technology and by enabling them to build applications and put them out there. Of course there is a selfish reason – they are after all a business. But it is a successful business that cares about people that ends up making those people successful and everyone involved is sustained.

And so,

This blog is happy to congratulate Nokia on being the world’s most sustainable technology company.


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