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Is right or wrong standard or relative?


One of my close friends recently became saved – and accepted Jesus Christ as Lord of his life. He had been coming towards this point of his life for a while and this was no surprise. We had lunch recently and just so that I could understand how not to contradict his faith, I sought to know from him what his parametres/ bounderies  are in terms of the changes that his lifestyle goes through.

See, I know many people who became born again and as such their lives changed differently. It was minor things. Some who are saved, would go out on the rave but not drink beer, others feel that wine is ok, beer isn’t and yet others feel like beer too is fine – just don’t get drunk. One school of thought would have it that just dabbling in anyway in these things constitute compromise and usually things go downhill from there.

So for all you born again christians out there, this is a question for you: It will aid in my own journey which is fueled by more understanding.

The day you ask God for forgiveness is an event. But it is an event that, as I understand it, starts a part of your life where you live your life differently – more in line with God’s wishes. You accept that you may occasionally veer of the path but with God’s help, you will maintain your focus on the path.

My question is this, is doing the right thing a firm standard according to the bible and christian practice or is it a matter of interpretation?

Both the people who have told me that all drinking is wrong and those who have suggested that some drinking is wrong (wine is ok, beer isn’t)  and other variants to the point, have used the bible as a basis of their position. How do you know as a born again christian, what is actually right?

How do I, who is not born again – and who could become born again, know how to live my life day to day the right way – if the different credible people who have been born again, teach so many mixed messages based on the bible? How do I discern the truth? How do you?

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  1. Let me attempt, as a born again Christian:

    First being born again is the biggest mystery, because whereas one might not feel different, there is an actual rebirth of the spirit, and as we all know, a human being is a spiritual being. Once we understand this, then you actually feel different, that the real you is ‘anew’ =born again. One then starts craving the things of God, righteousness, being good to others, showing kindness, etc, things that make God happy. Likewise, things that are ‘not of God’ = sin, begin to loose appeal.

    To many people, beer or alcohol is associated with sin, perhaps as a result of impaired judgement due to drunkenness. It is important though, to realize that people are brought up differently, and to some, wine/’a’ beer is an aide to digestion, or a social drink taken in a respectful atmosphere, hence , there is no association with sin.

    For all of us, born again and yet-to-be-born-again, the important thing is not what we eat or drink, it is our actions and our attitudes. God looks at the heart, and many who call themselves Christians (God help us all!) are merely noisemakers, for God knows who we trully are.

    Having a relationship with God is setting things in your life on the right track, and trusting God to see you through. It is a beautiful experience.

  2. Doing right is a standard. Theres only truth as God sees it, yet theres a lot of things that many of us Christians set up because sometimes its easier to follow rules, the pharisees were faulted for it. As mwari said when you become born again and youre seeking his way, God deals with the stuff he doesnt want. It may be drink, it may even be tv ,books,daydreams! whatever it is that pulls you away from him or his purposes he will stive to set right.
    but as acolyte said I think Youd also have to read his word and find out for yourself. Its all in there. It would be cool if you knew a Christian leader who could help you along but at the end of it, all of us, humans are fallible.
    You read, see what the bible says about drink or drunkeness about where our hearts should be, about the things that may be permissible but not beneficial and how our actions affect not only our relationship with God but also other people.

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