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Nairobi is on 24 hours, thanks to Nakumatt


NakumattI can now officially confirm that Nairobi is well on its way to being a 24 hour city – Nakumatt by Nakumatt. it started a few months back when Kenya’s leading department store, or hypermarket as we call them here, made the small Nakumatt Ukay (well, small by the other Nakumatt standards) a 24 hour supermarket.

Finally nocturnal shoppers like me had somewhere that they could shop quickly and hustlefree, without having to wait in line. I really like to be able to shop efficiently – that means fast, without having too go round too many shoppers and their brats, and check out in a speedy fashion. My monthly shopping takes me 15 minutes – and its a lot of stuff to buy.

As a marketing person to be able to look at some of the emerging brands, check out how they are doing becomes easy because the attendants have a bit more time – and also they pay more attention since they do not have the whole world to deal with.

Anyway, I digress.

Today, Nakumatt on Ngong Road (Prestige plaza), one of the larger hypermarkets, stayed open past closing time – and all night they will be to be sure. The thing about it is that Nakumatt in nairobi is a lifestyle centre – you get to shop then have some fun in most of their locations. As it is, at Prestige plaza, the businesses over there will have to stay open all night as well.

One has. Mo movies, one of the businesses that are in prestige plaza- really great video library – one of the first to deliver to your home, is working 24 hours as well, so one is able to pick up some movioes regardless of how late it is.

On a wider scale, this is a clear indication that:

1. nairobi is a safer, better town to live in.

2. Nairobi’s economy is becoming more dynamic by the day

3. I gotta get me some Nakumatt shares when they come up. These guys define me.

6 thoughts on “Nairobi is on 24 hours, thanks to Nakumatt”

  1. Nakumatt defines a very large slice of Nairobians based on what we aspire to be. We want a 24-hour lifestyle, we want convenience, we want to define when we do what we do basically we want to be in control. Kudos to them for feeling what we’ve been craving for a long while.

  2. What effect do you think this 24h availability will have on the laid back, easy life style that we all love in Africa in general, and Kenya in particular?

  3. nakumatt is doing well because they are willing to risks and be innovative with their ventures , and that is why they will always stay a step ahead of their more conventional competition who still seem content to stick by their outdated modus operandi , kudos to nakumatt !

  4. Wow! my world has been made wonderfull with Nakumatt 24 hrs shopp. I now dont have to rush so that i can make it to do my shopping,my shoping life style has been made tremendous with it since am able to do all my shopping under one roof and i say BRAVO TO NAKUMATT GO AHEAD AND TEACH OTHER SHOPPING MALLS ALESSON . I love Nakumatt!

  5. Concerned Kenyan

    sorry guys to you all it just so happens now your favourite supermarket is being demolished more branches. More employees are at risk of loosing their jobs and citizens the land that they were sold by government for some reason it is being demolished

  6. Concerned Kenyan

    Below are some of the points I really wonder if it make sense (cents)?

    Demolishing the complex and buildings surrounding the Thigiri river (so
    Called river when its just a streamlet) wont that cause the streamlet to be
    more polluted?
    If that streamlet is supposed to be a river, we can expect government to
    have a sound plan for the same to mature the same to be river. What plans
    do they have for that, and how long before the streamlet matures as river?
    We all know the fact streamlet so called thigiri has been in decline since
    draught, will it mature as a river?
    With woods disappearing and deforestation in the increase plus global
    warming, do we expect enough rain to mature thigiri as a river?
    Who are those professionals and what are their views? Have they made it
    Has government ever asked for public opinion? Or does it matter to them?

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