Grey Spots

  1. Hey thanks for the chance to be a part of “Gray Spots”… looking forward to “Blue Smudges” and I hope the e-book series goes on well and by the end of it we have over 20 poets published…

  2. That is just you Kags…Always coming up something new and of course good..’Gray Spots’ is a must read is truly inspirational…Keep it up Kags

  3. It turned out well and glad to be a contributor for the first installement…..

    Always the inovator……

  4. I was glad to stumble upon this absolutely phenomenal work of poetry.

    As an avid reader of poetry, I have to say this work has turned out to awe me with its elegance and style. My personal favorite.

    I have forwarded it to my entire address book collected over the years. 1423 contacts.

    Thank you. Please do send me the next one, Blue Smudges. (Could you not make it monthly, by the way?)

  5. Well Kags… it’s good you woke up from your non-poetic reverie and I’m glad to be a part of all this. Yes, please don’t make them monthly… how about not have a timeline? Just pop one out when the time seems right…

  6. Al,

    this got fowarded to me by a Friend. Thank you. It has been quite nourishing. I have forwarded it to my entire address book as well. About 2300 emails.

    Please include my email in the next book.

  7. Alkags,

    I must say gray spots is indeed grey, not black nor white but a blend of creativity and originality. Way to go kagz! I hope to feature in “Blue Smudges”..

    mmh..i wonder how blue..

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