I’m tired.

  1. “Shiro was the last person in the world anyone would expect to commit suicide. She was the strong one in her family, the one who kept her friends afloat emotionally, the one to whom people ran for leadership. She was always so cheerful, so vivacious, so very ambitious.”

    This was me some years back when I thought of jumping off the 13th floor – I thought that since I took care of everyone (but myself) I therefore expected people to return the favor ten fold… then I realized we are all wallowing in our own quagmires…and unless someone speaks up and says wsup then there is no way of anyone knowing.

    I pray to God that I can be there for my friends as much as they need me…but also to be strong and admit failure in not doing 100% as I should… I get tired of people telling me that because I am young that I should pile up on the stuff I do… but my reply is.. yes I agree but if I don’t feel like… don’t pressure me…everything has it’s time and place…

  2. Just like shiro i always try to be strong,always wanting to solve other peoples problems,always been there for them.But the sad thing is my friends/family never take me seriously when it comes to the things i dolife..Some look at me as a person without direction and purpose.And just because of that assumption i never talk to them about anything i am going through.That is just me..I learnt do things on my own however difficult they may be, i try not to be tired but i fail miserably..I’M TIRED TOO.I cry my heart out where no one can hear or see me.I feel better after crying then i put on my usual brave face..But i will never give up taking care of my friends and family..only if they could take me seriously and take care of me too…Talking to someone helps…

  3. with the crowd but not with them always strong, the cheerful one, always there, “great personality”, they all say they know me very well, but do they really?

    probably shiro did the right thing
    maybe she didnt…

    everyday is a struggle i’m trying to realise my dreams, my goals but the holes and dark patches are many, i crave for that support but none seems to think this strong person needs any, even when i ask of it, its all words of promise but none actually does it.

    maybe she did the right thing (shiro that is) and i would also do A right thing.

    i’m not tired, i’m exhausted.

    ps:This is not a work of art, its real

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