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There is a homeless woman in Woodlands, UK who started a blog chronicling her life. The unnamed woman who prefers to maintain the identity wandering scribe, lives in her car – sleeping on the front seats, with all her possessions in the back – has been out of home since September last year. She has however maintained a respectable disposition regularly showering in public facilities like hospitals and dressing well.

In her own words, she had been in denial about being homeless but she is now using her blog to “reach out.” She goes to the Library and does her bloging from there every once in a while.

The BBC recently did an article about her and this brought out that there are many people – well educated and perhaps even exposed who are homeless and there are more who simply live in their cars while maintaining a semblance of respectability, as they sort themselves out.

The Wandering Scribe tells a fascinating story. perhaps going there to read it is more prudent.

One cannot wish the life on anyone, but at the same time, people in Africa will wish that the homeless in Africa would be able to live as advanced a life – living in their car? using the internet to blog? using the government hospital to shower? getting a monthly allowance from the government?

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