Finally, Omo tells a simple story.

  1. Ok. is that baby in their kenyan advertisement? a white baby in black africa? give me a break!!!!

  2. i like their new ‘logo’ the colorful flowery star bust. makes me feel good but unfortunately as a child i was allergic to OMO- i’d get a rash on my skin. i’m ok with their new dirt is good… good luck to them however in trying to sell me OMO is good. :0)

  3. a bit late to comment on this but the dirt is good theme is a current commercial for one of the detergents in the US I think tide or somthing ….I forget , but certainly not OMO.

  4. A survey was done this Sunday on Ads that kids like and OMO: Dirt is good featured highly. The kids got the message that it’s alright to go out and play wherever you want and OMO will take care of the stains. That is to me building long term brand equity in the young ones.

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