1. Was there for AFLEWO and i had tears when the anthem was playing and as i sung it i acknowledged what a priviledge twas to be in such a peaceful country then the Nkosi sikeleli Africa Song in swahili had now tears running down my cheeks. Twas truly a great night.

  2. This actually my second time to be at the event and I was one of the people totally blessed.
    Last year I was there and Jesus met the desires of my heart.
    This year’s event was one of its kind and it made me realize the power that is contained in unity when people of different backgrounds join to worship God in unison.
    I look forward to next year’s event.I look forward to seeing all the young people. VUGASU

  3. hi my name is kevin from united states, could you guys try to put kenyan gospel songs on site so that we get to listen to then them on-line without any problem

  4. still kevin , we do appreciate all you are doin for us and hope that you will still be asource of inspiration to many of us.

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