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Saturday September 30, 2006 2:26 am.

Singers from over 70 churches in Kenya are presiding over a concert that is attended by well over 6000 christians from Nairobi, and several from South Africa, Z

imbabwe, Nigeria, and other African countries. The pastors present are young and hip and the atmosphere is electrified with dancing.

It is a popular Luhya (one of the Kenyan ethic communities) that is being sang and aside from the fact that the entire congregation is singing along – reading words projected on huge screens by a modern LCD projector – the pastors are amidst the congregation vigourously dancing to the isikhuti dance that is traditionally Luhya.

The vision is simple, I gather. To capture Africa for Jesus.

The execution was done as three years ago a group of singers from different churches came together and started a music ministry that simply sang in praise of Christ. In their third annual concert, they have seen a huge growth in terms of turn out and their call, Africa let’s worship is reverberating across the continent.

The music was great, the atmosphere was better and the most profound bit of the whole thing was when the whole church got down to the business of praying for Africa. A procession of all African flags was done at the front and people prayed. We sang a lovely mixture of Tanzania’s and South Africa’s national anthems which basically say the same thing: Mungu ibariki Africa, Nkosi Sikelela Africa, God Bless Africa.

What amazed me though was the amount of passion when the Kenyan anthem was sang and when people prayed for Kenya. It is true, we are blessed.

And so, growing out my country sounding out all of Africa is a call: Africa Let’s Worship.

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