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Sonko: who does hi represent? How? Aargh!



Gideon Mbuvi, alias Sonko, the MP of Makadara is a buffoon. He is not the first Buffoon that Africa has seen and he is certainly not good at it. To be clear, if buffoonery was an industry, Sonko is no more than a novice.

I hear on Kiss 100 that normally, Sonko gets to parliament in his blingage, changes into a suit, and gets into chambers. Then he changes back to his street fashion. Not so yesterday. Yesterday, Sonko decided that he couldn’t be bothered to go through his routine and just put on his suit over his bling and in the place of his formal dress pants, kept his side pocket khakis on. Speaker Kenneth Marende understandably almost bust a gut and ordered him out and banned him from parliament buildings and his continental building offices. I share in Marende’s utter disgust.

Let us place the responsibility of this buffoon in the right place. The people of Makadara elected this chap from absolutely nowhere? What does this say about them as a community?

I am angry. Who does this man represent? How does he represent is constituency? How really is he bringing change to his constituency? By leading young people on a rampage punching walls, clearly high? Is there a single parent anywhere in the world who tells their child to look up to Sonko? Is there a single motion that anyone can show that Sonko contributed to in a significant fashion, let alone drive?

This man does not represent me in any capacity – certainly not as a young person. Young people in Kenya need to beware: the longer such characters who have questionable morals, no respect for anyone, no appreciation of process and certainly no real leadership qualities, the longer we shall be kept away from leadership.

Can we get serious and send this fellow back to the oblivion he came from? Can the Makadara constituents get very serious with their lives and use the constitution of kenya to recall the character?

Or can someone slap some sense into the bugger? Anyone?


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  1. to the contrary I believe sonko represent his makadara people well than most the so called well dressed MP's…he has the interest of his constituents at heart and fights for them when necessary…''do I fully agree with him..far from it BUT by any rating he stands better chances of seeing the August house than most of his colleagues…let him be, and at the risk of being called buffoon like him that I would rather than to be associated with other names in that house!

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