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Reckless Bloggers, online commenters beware!


I have today become aware of a case that has been filed in court by Paul Muite and others against a political activist, Moses Kuria. In the case, Mr. Kuria is sued for defaming Paul Muite, Njonjo Mue and others, saying that they may have perverted the cause of justice in the post election violence cases at the Hague.

You can read the whole story here: PNU activist sued for defamation

I think given the unrestricted freedom that social media users and bloggers have enjoyed, many Kenyans have behaved online in ways that they would not in person. There are bloggers who have become famous for making allegations against people – that they are unable to prove and in many cases that they have made up.

This case could set a precedent that will snag many others. Most importantly, this case should be an alarm that tells reckless bloggers and all of us on social media to beware. The days of unbridled freedom to malign are numbered. There is growing fatigue about such.

We should all take note.

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