Why Kibaki is likely to win 2007

  1. kibaki will win because the altrnative (six of the rest) do not provide a viable alternative to leadership. they are despots who only want their potraits on banknotes and supported by a courtier of sychophants who cant tell good leadership if it hit them straight onthe kisser.

  2. To early Kibaki as an individual can win. But kibaki with his team of goofs and loafers won’t win. As matter of fact you analysis are give this race a historical perspective. What you fail to understand there is a big generational gap between Kibaki Inner circle and the voters. There is a big tribal imbalance in his inner circle and then there are lots of green horns who cannot see beyond their political noses.
    Having a characters like Kiraitu and mungatana, kiunjuri et al in anyones corner is not an asset but a huge liablitiy.

    Remember my dear kenyans that most of incumbent mps will be in the fight for their lifes in their home areas.

    Nyeri alone will consume most of Kibakis allies time and efforts just trying to secure mps seats.

    Kiambu and Nairobi too will other areas which Kibaki people will have to fight day and nite to win.

    It is too early to celebrate.
    Remember the wins kibaki had before referendum he won almost every battle after the bomas caucus. he won the Kilifi battle, won the sulementi battle, won the Parliament battle which endorsed wako draft.

    Let us wait till May next and thing will unravel.

    Further more no one knows what Kibaki with his questionable health may decide to do.

  3. Kibaki will win the next elections in your dreams. The man was LUCKY to have Wamalwa Kijana fronting for him. Not in 2007. Kenyans are not interested in his hands off politics. Kenyans want a President who is in tune and in touch with the realities on the ground!

  4. Insightful thoughts on this article plus a good recap of history. My take is, majority of voters are on the ground and most of Kibaki’s development has been there- on the ground! As mentioned above the developments in agricultural sector. On the health front, Kenyans can access free malaria, TB drugs & ARV’s not mentioning the Insecticide Treated Nets. This is not to say that all demand has been met but a substantial percentage has. The recent poll results are at least indicative of the populations feelings towards his work in the past four years. We can all grouse about the methodology of the research but for pete’s sake let’s be consistent and not only whine when the results don’t favour us.
    Take a moment go down to the ground and check what changes have been effected for bettering Kenyan’s lives.

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