Been away: I wonder where…

  1. Lol- pole! Don’t youjust hate it when tha happens! Happened to me once, yaani I had to blackmail my computer with a poem, ndio eventually it sharted working … …

    My Computer is Snoozing

    My computer is snoozing
    Tried to wake her up but she’s refusing
    Blackmailed her, bribed her, threatened her, clearly I am losing
    This little charade I find no longer amusing
    For my love for her I see she has been abusing

    What I did wrong I don’t even know
    That she was angry she never did once show
    Between us there was never even the slightest row
    AD, Jill Scott, Southern Comfort, we did it all together in tow
    Seeds of discontent I wonder how and when she did sow

    I think she now believes she’s Snow White
    Waiting for a kiss from her Prince Charming at night
    Tried some technicians, turns they were all frogs that bite
    Snoozing and not even stretching a muscle she does it so right
    Snoring away you’d think she’s never seen the light

    So tight is my schedule at work
    Memories of the AD I so try to block
    When I get home my misery I know she does mock
    Tempts me she does to lock her away until she is a crock
    God help me away I don’t have her away locked

    The little hussy my touch she doesn’t even miss
    To realize the feeling isn’t mutual off it does piss
    Shouldn’t see me angry lest she decides to sleep forever in bliss
    Maybe I should go out every night and get pissed!
    While I wait til she gets that bloody kiss

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