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For a long time, I have said away from the netter’s scene. There was a time when like clockwork, everyday I would deposit some ramblings of some sort online on the issues of the day in Kenya. Eventually, I got too busy and I gave myself an excuse that the responses I was getting online were so inane in many cases that it did not make sense to continue to do digital essays online.

After confining myself to writing in the papers for a while, I almost stopped wiriting all together.¬† I wanted to get on with it. Moi was out and now there was work to be done. Today, I look at things and I realise i shouldn’t have stopped writing. So many things need to be addressed and even as we move on so many things require dialogue.

Welcome to the Kenyan Tenses, home of the Al Kags digital essays. I shall update this site at least three times a week with a new digital essay or so. I shall appreciate some well reasoned responses and others even when they disagree with me, but i will not tolerate any vitriol against myself or anyone else. Let’s keep those within the netter’s marketplaces, shall we? This space is reasoning space.

If you wish to have your own digital essay on Kenyan matter posted here, please email it to me at I may post it, but that’s my prerogative.

Don’t forget to check out penyenye, the kenyan opportunities blog. I shall maintain a vigil of the nairobi business and development scene and update you on the developments in business and development that I hear of. That’s

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