Saddam’s verdict: a no-win event for the world

  1. I agree fully that “nothing has really changed”. I was only getting to hear/read the news of Sadaam’s verdict just last night before I went to bed and I just sighed. It’s a nice ending to Bush’s rampant-misplaced-anger-oil-seeking rage with Iraq; but so what? He is to be hanged – so what?

    Personally, I believe that there are certain elements in this world that are ‘institutions’ rather than ‘personalities’. Osama is an institution and so is Sadaam. The man is going to be hang but the institution lives on. As this blogger himself said, “Saddam Hussein is still leader of a certain constituent group of people and that he still retains some level of support.” This simply means there are people that won’t let the leader of their institution go so that’s what might cause problems for the world in general. Let’s wait and see how all this pans out.

  2. Oh, for heavens sake people! you write as if Saddam’s death with change the iraq world order. Justice and what is happening there are two different things. Execute the man then lets talk. See, he is paying for personal evils. Let the Iraq authorities deal with the miscellanious conlficts that arise or swell because of his death.

    Great Blog by the way.

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