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Kenyan prostitute stimulates, excites me, makes my morning


The highlight of my day today, was to discover a new blog, the diary of a Kenyan prostitute at which is a fantastic and most refreshing read about the observations and thoughts of a prostitute – none of the moralistic, apologetic discourse (“we have no choices in life and it is because life is hard”) and certainly none of the usual preachy discourse about the injustice of policemen and so on – it is simply a direct, thoughtful, open, discussion of a worldview, in a way that is not talked about.

It has stimulated me in ways that I have not been stimulated in a long long time. Sue, for that is the name of the blogger, discusses profoundly the perspectives of a prostitutes who works in the street and for me, gives the impression of a person who has found themselves. For me, it is a breath of fresh air to engage with discussion of “the Philosophy of sin”, “the spiritual role of a prostitute”, and so on.

The rights and wrongs of prostitution do not seem to occur as relevant in the blog.

As a blogger I am always really excited to see such a blog in the context of sharing knowledge and expanding the arena of thought. In principle, this is why every professional, every person who aspires to making the world a better place must simply share their knowledge, observations, worldview and perspectives – because ultimately it helps us all, young and old to make informed and knowledgable choices. Most of all, it empowers us to think and hopefully then be useful.

As to the non-profits that deal with prostitutes (as Sue says, forget the political correctness and “Just call me Malaya”) I see this as a wake-up call for them to deal openly with the issues and not to weigh them down with some of the dogmatic hypocrisy that we see.

All in all, Sue, the writer, writes so well, that I am as entertained as I am stimulated. This is one prostitute that I will regularly visit.

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  1. AK, I agree its a very riveting read! I just have a feeling that its not a Sue behind it; possibly a George or Duncan. Whatever the case, he/she writes very well!

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