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It gets worse by the day! First, MPs banded together in Parliament and passed a (nonesensical) resolution for Kenya to withdraw from the International Criminal Justice system at the Hague – in support of 6 people who have been fingered by Luis Moreno-Ocampo, the prosecutor at the ICC. So brazen were they that they also pledged to fundraise for the Hague 6.

The impunity of it is astounding. Not only it it myopic (lets change the law to fit our current needs) but also it demonstrates the sort of leaders that we have.

To add insult to Injury, the president and the prime minister are reported in the Daily Nation today to be seeking to establish a credible local tribunal to try the Hague 6 and others who can be implicated for atrocities during the Post Election Violence.

Setting up a local tribunal is fine – especially since the Hague 6 were not by themselves. BUT CHANGING THE LAW/ WITHDRAWING FROM THE ICC for convenience is NOT.

But to be truthful, in this case the finger is pointing at us: we are quietly allowing this to happen, moving about our business mumbling indignantly at the injustice of it all but not quite doing anything about it. We seem to have lost our collective voice and are unable to protest with any level of conviction. Maybe, we, like the politicians agree tacitly with the moves? Could it be?

What I am wondering is: Where is the fury?

What has happened to the organisations that would mobilise Kenyans to protest loudly at this impunity? Where is the Law Society of Kenya, the Kenya Human Rights Commission and all those other organisations that we believe are well placed to stand up for our rights?

Where are the angry and usually loud voices for the people who stood up for Kenya? Where is Njoki Ndungu, Mutahi Ngunyi, Caroline Mutoko – even Francis Atwoli? What became of Civil Society?

Why was Martha Karua (@martha_w_karua on twitter) a lone voice in Parliament?

Well, one explanation that I have been given, is that many of these poeple, especially at the Law Society of Kenya and Civil Society in general, are keeping their heads down because there are numerous commissions and bodies that need to be set up according to the new constitution and they all are awaiting possible nominations and appointments into these commissions. No one wants to ruffle feathers and obviously create enemies.

As a Kenyan, I have this sense of helplessness that makes ny sinuses cringe and tears come out of my eyes. Anyone there?

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