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#OdeToYouth Lesson 12: Ignore the drama, focus on the gold

My inspiration today comes from the story of Kenyan Gold Medalist Jemimah Sumgong, who during the London Marathon, fell and banged her head, got up, caught up to the leading runners 30m ahead of her and passed them. But that was not all. An enthusiastic fan (let’s call him that) jumped into the tracks and had to be tackled by the Police so that he couldn’t interfere with her run. Unperturbed, she bypassed that drama and proceeded to win the Gold Medal.

In the course of my life, I have found myself going through drama and side shows as I try to get to my goals. It isn’t easy, but then it wouldn’t be much of a victory of we didn’t fight it out. There’s too many of us who struggle with keeping an eye on the ball. We get upset because we face set backs, we get frustrated by drama that other people put in our way.

I don’t have a story to tell you about the time that I did this, but I promise you, I have done it many many many many times. So this lesson is a reminder for me as it is for you.

Here’s the lesson 12: 

There’s going to be drama around you and in you from the day you make a decision to focus on some goal. Keep going strong and focus on your end game.

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