#OdetoYouth: Lesson 1 – Learn hard, Make a brave choice

  1. I think I am at the same point in life. And my mama feels like the path I'm taking might take a toll on her 'katoto'. And yes it is scary taking a different path at this point. But here's to learning and to looking back 10 years from now and thanking God I made my own choices. Great piece Kags.Waiting for the next 29 articles.

  2. Hi Al, this is a very relevant post. Especially because I’m at that point in my life where I need to decide which projects a mulitipotentialite such as myself should pay attention to. I am aware that instant gratification should be tossed out the window but I’m afraid to take that first leap of faith. Where do I begin?

    1. The thing is, fear is what hold us back. But once one takes the first step, one looses focus on the fear and gains focus on whats ahread. Sort of like walking into a dark passage. Before you walk into the darkness, you are afraid. When you walk in, you focus on moving, holding your hands out, trying to to fall or crash into anything. Then your eyes acclimatise and they start to make out shapes. You left your fear at the door.

      Do two things, if you will: learn and learn and gain knowledge – real life knowledge. learn how to navigate. And secondly, try. Whats the worst that could happen?

  3. I remember those days of the SQ clearly. Great lessons of life Kags. Super proud of your accomplishments! The journey to get there has been real. Can’t wait to read more of #OdetoYouth to take me down memory lane and get entertained from your adventures!

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