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Most Useful Farming Facebook Groups in Kenya (for me)

I don’t usually do lists, or advice, but I thought I might share some of the Facebook Groups that I have found to be most useful for me as a new farmer. This is a basic list with no order.

  1. Africa Farmers – Most relevant content and a large community of practicing farmers with useful info.
  2. Organic Farmer’s Kenya – Great group with a wide array of interests and lots of useful people with great tips
  3. Farmers’ Hub – Africa wide group with farmers who are quick to respond to queries when you need advice.
  4. Farm Info Kenya – Lots of info about things that you could buy to be useful in your farm but too many sales people giving you biased tips.
  5. Farming ideas Kenya – Lots of interesting ideas on crops and ways of doing things but not much follow through info.
  6. Farming Kenya – Treasure trove of ideas and tips and connections in farming and inputs. Lots of sales people but also farmers who give you good recommendations.

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