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Levert, go well.


I was shocked to read today that Gerald Levert, left, passed away about 9 days ago. I wonder how I missed the news but well.

I first came into contact with Gerald Levert when I was a boy and he had just released that Song, “I’ll do anything to fall in love”. He had a great voice, that i wished I had – of course at the time, my voice would be breaking in appalling ways.

I remember LSG, the group that he, Johny Gill and Keith Sweat, crooned some amazing music.  Well, Njia ni hiyo moja.

Rest in Peace, Gerald.

2 thoughts on “Levert, go well.”

  1. No rhyme No reason

    He was the best if ever there was one. I have been listening to his albums the last 10 days and they bring memories of growing up to my mind.

    I find out he was 2 years older than me..and it brings put mortality to the fore. RIP to the VOICE!!!

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